Borobudur temple,one of the biggest Buddhist temple in the world which is also one of the seven wonders of the world is located in the island of Java, Indonesia. To be exact, you can find it in Magelang, one of the city in the central Java province. This temple was built in the era of King Sumaratungga from the Syailendra dinasty around 8 century, about the same time when The Great Karel ruled the Rome.
The most important person in founding this great monument was Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1811 when the British ruled the island of Java. At that time, Borobudur temple was nothing but a heap of stones more like a small hill with shrubs and brushwoods. In 1815, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles commanded officer H.C Cornelis to dig it up. From that moment, it was slowly revealed that the little hill was only the top of a great inheritance which was a remarkable temple.
According to some researches, it is believed that when Merapi mountain erupted in 1006, its ashes and dust burried the Borobudur temple along with the gilt of the central Java empire.
Twenty years later, F.C Wilsen transposed hundreds of icons founded in those stones into images using monograph from leemans.
Finnaly a book about Borobudur temple was published in 1873. It was then translated into French. In 1907 Theodore van Erp made an huge effort in rearranging all the sramble stones back to the original formation, in the right order.
It is 123 meter wide, 42 meter high and 10 floors which is presumable reffering to the 10 emperors belong to Syailendra dinasty which once ruled the kingdom. The first 6 level of this temple are in square shapes, followed by 3 next level in round ith 72 stupas. The top of this temple is a big stupa, 7 meter high and 9,90 meter in diameter.
Along the temple walls, you can find reliefs which tells about the Buddha’s life story. It is divided into 1640 frames and 504 Buddha statues.
A Dutch archaeologist, A.J Bernet Kempers refers this as “the mysterious Buddhism depicted on stones.” A perfect mixture between human and a sacred miracle.
In his book,History of Java, Raffles mentioned that the Javanese people obtains and believes their ancestor greatness as a story, a sacred legend told by their parents from mouth to mouth. This is believed very much by them especially when there is a real evidence such as a monument with a unique architecture, not to mention that it is also the greatest Buddhist temple in the world.
Do you know what lies below Borobudur temple? Do you know that what you see during your visit is only two third of the total height? You can only see 31,5 meter instead of 42 meter height of the Borobudur temple! Where is the rest?The truth is, Van Erp casted the lowest part of the Borobudur to strengthen the building from slanting. It is said and strongly believed that this part includes another relief of Borobudur temple wich contains many sadistic and sexual scence from the whole relief that appear on this temple.There is a big,attracting and captivating challenge for those computer technology and architectural experts,detectives, MYSTERY lovers, photographers, movie directors and others who love mystery and would like to unsolve it.Up to present there are still plenty of hidden mysteries in the world that remain unsolved.It is very much possible in this era of high technology to try unsolving the world’’s historical evidences that are covered as the time goes by leaving their greatness behind.Would it be you the new hero in unsolving this great mystery …?
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